Here’s where we’ve been / where we’re going:

Oct 1-9: Mississippi
Oct 9-11: Las Vegas / Southern Utah
Oct 12-29: Ogden, Utah
Oct 30-Nov 20: Japan
Nov 21-Dec 1: Taiwan
Dec 2-Dec 19: Thailand
Dec 20-Jan 2: Myanmar
Jan 3-Jan 13: Singapore
Jan 14-Feb 13: Vietnam
Feb 14: Singapore
Feb 15-Feb 19: Sydney, Australia
Feb 20-March 20: New Zealand
March 20-28: Singapore
March 29-April 23: Greece
April 24-May 2: Turkey
May 2-12: Rome, Umbria, and Tuscany
May 13-19: Prague, Czech Republic
May 20-21: Munich, Germany
May 22-29: Austria
May 30-June 5: Budapest, Hungary
June 6-13: London, England
June 13-18: Southwest England and Pembrokeshire, Wales
June 19: Ogden, Utah

Check out our Flickr photos here. Where should we go next?


3 thoughts on “Itinerary

  1. Since you are in Eastern Europe, how about going to Jarovnice, the village and municipality in Sabinov District in the Prešov Region of north-eastern Slovakia where your great grandfather, Ferencz Triscsik (Frank Triscik) was born Oct.1, 1879. You are a Sarisanka – which is a big deal – a woman with roots in Saris – The countryside there is breathtaking and the people are full of joy and love to sing, dance, and joke.  They are sooo proud to be from Saris!!!!!

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