Our Story


The premise is simple: We were happily married, working hard at good jobs, eating at locavore restaurants, and watching a few episodes of The Good Wife each night before bed. Classic DINKS: Double income, no kids. Just Powerpoints and Gmail, a good jog here and there, and lots of $7-a-bottle beer. Life was nice, but repetitive. It was time for the “next step.”

Perhaps it was a few too many episodes of Anthony Bourdain or the world-trekking inspiration from a few sets of friends or the #yolo meme that seemed to chase us everywhere… We can’t pinpoint the exact catalyst, but both of us decided it was time to Go. So, we quit our jobs, sold all of our furniture on Craigslist, mailed 27 boxes to Emily’s parent’s house, and took off.

We’re not sure how long this sabbatical will last. Maybe 6 months, maybe longer. Enough time to experience other cultures, reconnect with ourselves and others, conduct a lot of quiet thinking, and eat at least one hundred bowls of steaming noodle dishes. We’ll share stories and tips here (and record the prettier moments on Instagram).

As Brad Pitt sagaciously said in World War Z, “Movement is life.” So… forward we go.

7 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. “In making people God apparently set in motion a potential in the design for change, for random event, for movement forward.” Tony Kushner, _Angels in America: Perestroika_. I look forward to catching up on your journeys as you move forward!

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